Firm History

Through Matteson Ellis’s years of compliance experience at two prominent Washington, DC law firms, international financial institutions, and a multinational corporation in Latin America, he has learned that, in the era of heightened FCPA enforcement, there is no substitute for experience.

Companies in today’s competitive marketplace demand FCPA expertise from lawyers who have pursued corruption throughout the world. They require experts who speak the languages of the countries in which they operate. They need practitioners familiar with the nuances of international anti-corruption law. The implementation of the UK Bribery Act and Frank-Dodd whistleblower provisions, the establishment of an anti-corruption FBI unit, and the creation of robust integrity programs at The World Bank and other international financial institutions further bolster the need for such seasoned professionals.

This insight inspired Mr. Ellis to form Matteson Ellis Law, PLLC, a boutique law firm with global reach that provides comprehensive solutions to your anti-corruption compliance needs.

Washington, DC